On Oct. 13, I emailed each of our senators urging them to vote for President Barack Obama’s jobs bill, which would create over a million jobs. Even though some are temporary jobs, there’s no doubt this would stimulate our economy.

Sen. Olympia Snowe replied Oct. 21 after she and Sen. Collins voted against jobs, knowing well that our country is on its knees in crisis.

Among the many remarks, Snowe said “President Obama’s bill was not amendable and thought it could be improved.”

No piece of legislation could ever be perfect. Any bill is urgently needed to house, clothe and feed families. I say pass the bill.

There is nothing that cannot be improved later while urgent needs are satisfied.

I think that the Republicans in Congress need to be chastised for their reluctance to act.

Austerity has proved time and again to not work in Europe as well as Japan yet it is pushed here by the GOP. President Obama’s stimulus remedy has prevented catastrophe, and I believe more is needed now without delay.

Among the tools in our arsenal of fixes for the economy is a call for drastic price rollbacks for material goods and services across America.

This action would multiply any stimulus we enact.

I am confident that this would work. I base my reasoning on the fact that with things becoming far more affordable for the average family, spending for goods and services would skyrocket. Manufacturing to replace everything purchased would result in the need for workers to produce more goods and services. Viola: More jobs, more tax and more spending.

We should all contact our senators; they need to know our feelings. “Go 99!”

Paul O. Sylvain


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