I hope that everyone read the Nov. 8 front-page article about Social Security and Medicare plans Congress has now dreamed up.

It is evident to me that when people get elected to Congress, they leave their brains at home.

If I understand the article, we are going to be penalized for growing old. The older we get, the less we will get in money and benefits from Social Security and Medicare. That is just plain backwards.

I presume that they really just want us to drop dead at 65; then Social Security wouldn’t have to pay anything. Sounds like they are thinking about Death Panels.

Of course, you must remember that this does not affect the members of Congress; they have their own private, all paid for, health and retirement plans.

It is time that all American citizens, rise up and tell Congress that cannot be exempt from any law or rule they make for us to live by.

Their private retirement plans should be abolished. They should be forced into Social Security and Medicare.

They seem to think we are too stupid to understand what they are doing. We do understand.

They do nothing except try to get re-elected. They can’t even pass a budget.

Chris Dumaine

Mount Vernon

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