Despite the unseasonably warm weather and lack of snow, I had a hankering for roasted chestnuts.

I bought a pound at the local food mart, prepared it and turned on the oven. Then I continued with various chores around the house while it heated to the desired temperature.

Many minutes later, and no beep from the oven, I checked it only to realize it was not heating at all. Puzzled, I tried several things like turning the breaker in the basement on and off, to no avail. Bummer: “Thanksgiving’s next week, and I have no oven in which to roast the turkey and bake pies,” is all I could think about.

Thoughts of an impersonal dinner at a restaurant were quickly extinguished and moved me to action.

I called the dealer where I’d bought the stove and scheduled a date for a house call. It was five days away, and they were sorry, but it was the best they could do. Bummer! No roasted chestnuts, no early Thanksgiving baking.

I moped a bit, then remembered my local dependable, trustworthy, repairman. He diagnosed the problem over the phone, and in less than an hour my stove was once again working; all this free of charge. Why couldn’t the appliance store I bought the stove from have done the same thing?

Thank you, local repairman. I know who I’ll call next time I have a problem of this nature.

Cidalia Thibault


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