We recently met two other couples and had breakfast in downtown Augusta. As we walked the sidewalks, we saw buildings with fresh coats of paint highlighting their beautiful architectural elements, several new businesses and evidence that more will be coming soon.

We ate at the “new” Downtown Diner, which quite recently moved from its Bond Brook location. The atmosphere was friendly, and the food was good.

We then noticed Sonny’s Museum and Mineral Shop, formerly Winthrop Mineral Shop. Sonny himself gave us a grand tour. We were awed with the enormous collection of gems and jewelry, which includes Maine’s tourmaline.

That business for years was a centerpiece in East Winthrop, run by Priscilla and Sonny Chevarie. Sonny told us that the hammering we heard as we visited with him came from a crew next door that is working on a new restaurant.

Good signs all. I hope others visit downtown Augusta soon and see the good things that are happening there.

If a visit to these establishments lingers longer than one hour, as mine did, the visitor likely will get a brightly colored parking ticket, a reassurance that the police are doing their job, too.

Way to go, Augusta.

Alice Flagg


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