I just received the latest in a long list of schoolchildren in the area of some acquaintance begging that I purchase something so the money will help “my school.” All I have to do is select one or more magazine subscriptions from a clearing house in Tampa, Fla.

And I thought email from Nigeria was bad.

Free public education in the United States is mandated by the federal government to educate children in all towns or districts. The cost of this education is to be “assumed by the government.”

When they start telling children to buy their own basic school supplies, will textbooks be next?

The reason for the original federal mandate of the assumption of cost by the government was so education would not be limited only to the rich, unlike precolonial Europe.

We are headed toward that here in Maine, and having small children beg for things from friends and family that are by law to be supplied at no cost is a pretty good start. The children of affluent people will have what they need; children of poorer folk will have less.

I have been paying property taxes in one venue or another for more than 40 years, but I have yet to add one child to the school enrollments. Like those before me, however, I see the vast logic behind a well-educated, and informed society, so no complaints. Unfortunately, education is being dumbed down to a level never before seen in this country. At this rate, the insects will take over in our place.

Paul Richardson

Lexington Township

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