WINSLOW — Winslow Junior High School recently announced its first-quarter honor roll.

Grade 8 — high honors: Kathleen Bertone, Cody Doughty, Luke Fredette, Ciera Poulin, Erika Schroeder, Jacob Trask and Delaney Wood.

Honors: Andrew Beals, Justin Burgher, Tyler Camire, Bailey Carter, Emily Cates, Courtney Colford, Joshua Currie, Nicholas Denis, Bryanna Fisher, James Fowler, Halli Franzose, Summerlee Fredette, Miranda Gagne, Jessica Greeley, Mitchell Hewes, Cailyn Hillier, Sierra Hopkins, Tanner Jackson, Jordyn Labrie, Jordan Lambert, Hillary Libby, Noah McCarthy, Hunter McCaslin, Kamryn Michaud, Madison Morneault, Cory O’Connell, Paige O’Neal, Daniel Ouellette, Jenna Petrovic, Maria Poirier, Elizabeth Pullen, James Raymond, David Selwood, Spencer Stevens, Paige Veilleux-Adams, Ethan Welch and Victoria Wiswell.

Honorable mention: Nathaniel Beckwith, Meagan Brown, Noah Dugal, Alex Grenier, Tyler Harriet, Sabrina Jandreau, Calli Lavarnway, Jacob Lavarnway, Alexandria Lopes, Bradey Luce, Nathan Martin, Joshua Morissette, Cody Olauson, Emily Pellerin and McKayla Upton.

Grade 7 — high honors: Chase Borssen, Jenna Goss, Susan Grant, Sierra Harmon, Patrick Hopkins, Adrienne Lakey, Samuel Lambrecht, Edilene Martin, Joshua Olin, Samantha Pomerleau, Courtney Pomeroy, Destanie Richards, Paige Smith and Samantha Washburn.

Honors: Benjamin Abbott, Danielle Berard, Katiann Carey, Melody Chapman, Jacob Dacus, Koramae Denis, Cami Dubois, Nathan Gagnon, Trevor Gurski, Ashleah Holbrook, Wyatt Hughes, Dylan Hutchinson, Alexandra Karter, Heather Kervin, Desiree Koenig, Katelynn Larsen, Leanna Laws, Bethanie Lovely, Noah Michaud, Avery Mills, Cameron Morrison, Clark Morrison, Noah Norris, Aleise Pecoy, Elizabeth Pike, Riley Pooler, Cassidy Rickard, Lisa Robinson, Faith Rogers, Jamie Sears, Benjamin Smith, Selah Sondrol, Raymond Spaulding, Haley Theberge, Joshua Veilleux, Julie Vigue and Hope Winkin.

Honorable mention: Michael Ayers, Jacob Clark, Charity Eccleston, Rebecca Frappier, Cathryn Fyfe, Ciara LeClair, Patrick Liberty, April Mayo, Spencer Miranda, Kylee Morrissette, Colby Ryder, Nathan St. Amand and Owen Williams.

Grade 6 — high honors: Andrew Bolduc, Alyssa Currie, Ryan Gagnon, Devon Gleason, Natalie Greene, Colette Latendresse, Sasha Michaud, Jackson Morneault, Haley Ryder, Mackenzie Small and Michael Wildes.

Honors: Andrew Beckwith, Cory Briggs, Daylon Carpenter, Marissa Carpenter, Cierra Clyde, Emily Coates, Lydie Conant, Tyler Crayton, Cassandra Demers, Jacob DeRaps, Ashley Dineen, Brandon Dineen, Zackary Farr, Roy Greenleaf, Kassandra Gregory, Sarah Guimond, Olyvia Kelley, Ashley LaChance, Jake Lapierre, Arnold Maroney, Breanna Martin, Cassie McCaslin, Kathleen McCowan, Austin Merrill, Olivia Moody, Nicholas Morris, Liz Nadeau, Alexa Petrovic, Alister Piccini, Garrett Pooler, Lucas Porter, Christine Quirion, Kirstie Rogers, Madison Roy, Charles Rumsey, Lidia Santos, Carmen Smith, Alexander Swiercz, Joshua Vashon, Jake Warn and Nicholas West.

Honorable mention: Tori Babb, Hunter Bimpson, Joshua Bisson, Devin Carter, Elijah Crosby, Evan Dart, Brandon Davis, Jonah Fedorovich, Ryan Fredette, Jade Freeman, Caitlin Grenier, Bryce Hillier, Mallory Hopkins, Matthew Phillips, Crystal Santiago, Devon Vigue, Breaunna Wagurak, Zachary Welch and Samantha Wiswell.

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