On Wednesday, Nov. 16 — a rainy, foggy night — my daughter was on her way to her night job in Augusta. At some point on Route 27, she saw something in the road and tried to avoid it. In doing so she lost control of her vehicle and went into a ditch. Air bags deployed, but the seat belt broke loose throwing her into the passenger seat, where her head and shoulder broke the window. Her wrist was mangled from broken glass. Five cars went by — no one stopped. She was able to call for help on her cellphone. The first to arrive was Trooper Diane Vance. I want to thank her for making my daughter as comfortable as possible until the ambulance arrived. Come to find out it was three tarps in the road. Someone was very neglectful about tying these down. Thank God my daughter had no broken bones, but she did have massive bruises. She will be a long time healing but I’m so glad I still have her!

Ruth Colebrooke

Mount Vernon

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