I wish this forum, and media in general, spent more time and energy focused on thoughtful dialog concentrating on solutions to problems, and less time focused on blind party loyalty and sophomoric fighting between the two teams.

They are just teams, right? Democrats vs. Republicans? Well, they play games, and they have cartoon animal mascots, so they sound like teams to me.

I would have thought that the news this week that all members of Congress and their staff are exempt from insider trading laws might have changed things. (Oh yes. Those same pesky little laws that could send average people to prison for a long, long time do not apply to them. Go ahead, look it up.)

Members of both teams apparently have taken advantage of this and, perhaps, (I have little doubt) some players may have cast votes not considering: Is this good for the country? But clearly motivated by: Is this beneficial to my portfolio? How will this effect me getting re-elected?, What’s the effect on a business I own? What about my friends, family, donors — can they benefit financially?

I think I see the problem now. Both teams are intentionally trying to distract us so they can sneak suitcases full of money out the back door. They want us fighting about which party has more liars, flip-floppers, sexual scandals because, as long as everyone is sitting around calling the other team names, well, the suitcases can continue out the back door, unnoticed.

When it comes to talking about real issues, I’m tired of feeling like I’m in the stands at a Red Sox/Yankees game. I think our children’s future is more important than that.

Kim Moulton


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