The working poor get stiffed again.

“LePage: State can’t afford MaineCare for childless adults.”

The adults that the governor and society allow to work for an inadequate income often have no disability or health insurance through their employers. They inevitably get hurt, disabled or just grow old, and have nowhere to turn but to the state.

These are the same people the governor and society wants to flush down the toilet like a used piece of toilet tissue.

“LePage: Cut welfare and MaineCare or we’ll have to cut education.”

The jobs LePage is interested in creating will not require an education and will not provide disability or health care.

“LePage vows new effort to cut MaineCare.”

Some MaineCare recipients often work full time or better and still get no health insurance, so they turn to MaineCare if they qualify. Why is it the people who work or worked for many years for very little, always are the people to make the biggest share of the so-called “shared sacrifice”?

It is not the workers’ fault; the employers and/or governmental legislation do not see it necessary to pay a livable wage.

Everyone at one time or another is going to require health care. How can we deny health care to people who have at one time or another contributed to society? Why does that same society not support legislation to force employers to provide income enough for their well being and health?

Why has the governor not looked into forcing all employers into provide health and disability insurance for all employees? Why aren’t the employers responsible for the bulk share of the expense of MaineCare?

Paul Chapman Jr.


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