It was with great sadness that I watched Herman Cain’s speech announcing his decision to suspend his candidacy for the Republican nomination.

Mark Twain and Sinclair Lewis would have been hard-pressed to write a more fitting speech.

America needs Herman Cain. What goes on between a man and his mistresses is not the business of the liberal mainstream media. He is so distraught by this turn of events that he is reportedly considering moving to another country, except he doesn’t know where any of them are.

He did mention helpfully that he will continue to accept donations for himself and his campaign.

Here’s where you come in. I urge all loyal tea party Republicans to send as much money to Cain’s campaign as they possibly can. Then they should send him some more.

Under our current administration, interest rates are at an all-time low. They should be able to borrow enough to help keep Cain and the tea party rolling. It is their duty as patriotic Americans. They also should ask their friends and neighbors to contribute heavily. If nothing else, they will gain valuable insight into their intellectual capacity.

America needs Herman Cain to lead the Republican tea party to victory in November. We cannot afford to leave the family values wing of the Republican tea party in the hands of a man of Newt Gingrich’s dubious character. Can we?

David Firsching


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