I am more confident than ever that our state government will make the right budgetary decisions. They have noticed from the declining tax revenue that we are all struggling and raising taxes or taking on more debt will only cripple us more.

They are aware that we find spending more than we have and robbing Peter to pay Paul unacceptable. The last election is proof of that.

Why are some people unhappy that the final decisions must come down to assigning priorities and simple arithmetic? That is how each of us conducts our personal finances.

We are fortunate that for the first time in a long while, government must and will live within our means. The efficiency gains that result from finally facing reality will benefit all of us for many years to come.

Some believe we must all travel to Augusta, make a ruckus, phone and email officials in order for them to assign priorities correctly. Honestly, if our officials can be badgered one way or another, then we have the wrong people in Augusta.

I think almost anyone, especially our elected officials, is capable of assigning priorities for spending limited taxpayer resources. If not, then we will get them more help at the next election. For now, however, everyone should stay out of their way and let them get to it.

John Field


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