Why is our government and our law enforcement so intimidated by the Occupy movement?

These taxpaying Americans are expressing the right to disagree with people who earn millions of dollars for doing nothing while hardworking, underpaid Americans get taken advantage of. The law in this country is not fair or equal.

The United States is a laughing stock in the world.

We fight bullying in our schools, and rightfully so. However, we are the bully of the world. We can annihilate you with our arsenal of weapons if we have a president who has the guts to pull the trigger. And the world knows this.

Our submarines have the ability to lay waste to any land on this Earth in seconds. The world knows this. No one admits it, but it is the truth. The government controls the media, so selected items get published. So Occupy folks with a little free will get quashed, arrested and, the way Maine law is, could very well get shot.

Have you got your papers? Conform or die. Democracy?

Edwin Morris


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