The next time Fox news and the other talking heads complain about all those who are unpatriotic, we should ask them this: Are all those wealthy individuals/corporations too good for this country to pay taxes?

Are they too good to pay their share for our soldiers who have made huge sacrifices? Are they too good to help support the children of this country by paying their share of taxes?

Fox News and the corporate media will never ask these questions, because they’re not a legitimate news source. Their only priority is to protect the wealthy from being seen as the criminals they really are.

If we pay 30 percent of our income in taxes, in what way do we justify those others not paying? Thirty percent is 30 percent, no matter the total that we earn.

If we earned more money, would we demand to pay less taxes? Would we not fund our troops, even though every other hard-working American was paying their share to make this a safe and better country, to give our children a better place to grow up?

The wealthy seems a bit unpatriotic, don’t you think? Un-American, even.

Ralph Hirtle


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