Canada for president? Not sure about that one, but we do need serious candidates to choose from and vote for soon.

I am thoroughly disillusioned and disgusted by politics and politicians. They are bought and paid for by the millionaires of the world (sometimes their own money) to fund their own interests.

We, the majority, are at the mercy of the corrupt minority. I am so sick of all the political ads on TV, and all the bickering and hype, which accomplish exactly nothing, except that someone must have money to burn.

They should pour this money into the federal coffers where it might do some good. It might lower gas prices, food, heating fuel, electricity and create jobs — things the majority needs now.

There are currently no candidates out there that I would consider voting for. Not because they are human and make mistakes, but because they plan on deceiving us even before they get into office. Most of what they say or promise are all lies.

I firmly believe there are people out there who have the knowledge to lead America but do not have the money or the right kind of people backing or supporting them.

Stephen King put his money where his mouth is — this I like to see. I wouldn’t vote for him for president because he makes his money writing fiction. Enough said.

Elections belong to the people, not the candidate with the most money. I am praying for a viable candidate to show himself — soon.

Millions and millions wasted. It is just wrong.

Marilou Suchar, Vassalboro

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