I am amazed how Joseph Reisert (commentary, Jan. 27) twisted Barack Obama’s words to suit his own prejudices.

What is wrong with the president’s statement: “Imagine what we could accomplish if we followed (the military’s) example”? The military does focus on the mission at hand and work together.

What is wrong with asking our politicians to do the same thing by following that example?

Reisert then said that if Obama is “urging the Congress to fall in line behind him as their commander in chief, he would be advocating fascism.” Nowhere in his State of the Union address does Obama ask Congress to “fall in line behind him.”

We do have gridlock in Washington, and it is caused by dangerously ambitious politicians who are obsessed with petty differences.

When I was a young man (many years ago), elections were held and winners were declared, and everybody would say, “The best man won, so let’s get behind him for the good of the country.” This is no longer the case, and our country is suffering because of it.

In answer to Reisert’s question, I do “imagine what we could accomplish” if politicians were not obsessed with their petty differences.

Kevin P. Morrissey


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