By far the leading cause of domestic violence is an abusive personality that seeks control and power over the victim. Regardless of the cause, domestic violence and abuse are not acceptable for any reason.

I agree with Gov. Paul LePage on this issue. We further agree that it is a societal issue against which all people, including men, should stand up and speak up, and stamp out.

All people should stand together against injustice, abuse and violence inflicted on others. Maine needs to do more to protect all victims — women and children and seniors and gays and lesbians — from violence and other forms of abuse.

I support the governor’s call to strengthen Maine’s domestic violence-related laws, and I call for Maine to strengthen its anti-bullying laws and elder abuse protections to stamp out those all-too common forms of abuse.

Current laws are not working well enough to protect victims. We have work to do.

Chris Johnson


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