AUGUSTA — The governor’s chief of communications said today he will step down after seven months on the job after accomplishing his goal of getting the office up and running.

Peter Rogers said he came onboard in July to help set up Gov. Paul LePage’s office of communications and never intended for it to be a long-term job. He said he believes the governor is doing a good job, and he said he’s leaving on good terms. He gave his two-week notice on Monday.

The U.S. Army veteran previously served as deputy commissioner for the Maine Department of Defense, Veterans and Emergency Management and served as primary spokesman for the Maine National Guard. He also previously worked in the office of Republican Sen. Susan Collins.

“I figured I’ve tried career military, I’ve done the federal side, and now I’ve worked for the state. Now it’s time to look for something new,” he said.

Rogers took the job in LePage’s administration at a time of turmoil after the previous communications chief, Dan Demeritt, resigned following news reports of foreclosures on five rental properties he’d owned. Rogers met with Chief of Staff John McGough last week before tendering his resignation.

Rogers, of Yarmouth, said he has several ideas for future work. But for now he said he’s looking forward to seeing more of his family, which includes five girls ranging in age from 7 to 21.


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