Paul Dutram’s letter of Jan. 29 seems to take umbrage with me for my recent letter to the editor.

He thinks that I have, “helped drive a final nail into the coffin of compassionate conservatism.” Me? I never lifted a hammer.

I merely suggested that Mitt Romney, with his experience in salvaging poorly managed companies and foundering Olympic extravaganzas, might just be what we need in Washington, D.C.

He could be the leader who would assault the waste, corruption and inefficiencies in our government. Who better than a corporate raider to get it done?

My letter never proposed that we should do away with “safety and environmental controls.”

While they are choking much of our economic growth, we can continue to send jobs overseas in search of less red tape.

My letter never proposed that, “we reduce or eliminate unemployment insurance, medical assistance, workers’ benefits, food stamps and other assistance to the poor and unemployed.”

Now that Dutram has brought it up, however, I do believe a sharp corporate raider could really cull a lot of waste from each of these bloated programs.

Dutram also seems to lump me in with the post-Lincoln Republicans, whose “core beliefs” include increasing their personal wealth and protecting their privileged status.

Clearly, he is not aware of my modest financial situation or my unpretentious social status. Both would benefit from an increase.

Richard J. LaPorte


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