I found J.P. Devine’s concern for homeless ghosts following the demolition of St. Francis Church to be touching (column, Feb. 5), though he need not worry.

Immediately following the final Mass, I posted Devine’s home address prominently on all the walls of the church, hall and rectory. Even though he attended parochial school elsewhere, I am certain that former religious sisters communicate with each other even after death.

Devine should be prepared for nocturnal visits from the Ursurline Sisters who once taught at St. Francis, offering remedial religious classes.

Judging from the many columns Devine has written poking fun at the Catholic Church in the past, it’s clear he wasn’t paying close enough attention to Sister Rosemary the first time around. Considering most of the nuns are buried less than a mile from his house, it will be just a short hop for them to pay him a visit.

Mike Hebert


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