Gov. Paul LePage and some members of our state government want to gut the budget in ways that affect young children and families.

Citizens of central Maine should stand up to retain nonprofits, which save our state money by educating and preventing numerous health risks and problems. For every $1 spent on prevention and early intervention today, $7.50 is saved in the future.

Some of the local small nonprofits that help our state save money are Healthy Maine Partnerships (dedicated to helping us live longer and healthier), Maine Parent Federation (helps support families and professionals to educate children) and Children’s Center (early intervention and family support,, which provides therapies, education and family support for children up to age 5.

Jobs of workers who help children and their families survive and thrive at Maine Parent Federation were cut and now Healthy Maine Partnerships positions are slated to be cut.

Jennifer L. Mckendry


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