What’s going to be the news on front page and above the fold this week in this paper? Priest turns lead into gold?

That’s the level of science behind the Catholic Church’s plan to help people “overcome” attraction to others of the same sex with a new chapter of Courage (article, Feb. 3).

Wouldn’t that gold be useful to pay off the lawsuits from the sexual abuse of children perpetuated and covered up by the Catholic Church? Yep, these are the guys I’d trust with an accurate discussion of human sexuality (sarcasm intended).

If the newspaper has to publish this nonsense, which can hardly be called courageous, don’t insult the intelligence of your readers by making it front-page news. Please post it in the personal ads where it belongs.

There is no medical or scientific merit to the idea that a person’s sexual orientation can be changed. Vulnerable people certainly can be emotionally browbeaten and made to feel shame and doubt by medieval church dogma masquerading as modern religious precepts, but they still will be the people that God made, gay or straight, no matter how much the Rev. Kevin Martin works to “support” them.

Janis Petzel, M.D.


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