For many summers, I worked Downeast with Canadians, who would tell me that their health card meant more to them than any other card in their wallet, including their driver’s license.

If I didn’t work enough hours at my job, I would have to pay around $1,000 for family health insurance each month. They would work for the month and get a month’s pay. I would work for a month and get two weeks’ pay.

Wouldn’t most big companies want to locate where workers are all entitled to free health care at any moment? Or to a state that does not have harsh working conditions and higher energy costs?

The Mainer who slips and falls on the ice and breaks an elbow or wrist is going to work with this injury as long as possible before seeing a doctor. He just can’t afford the medical costs.

Our governor is taking us two steps backward when he should be moving forward and insuring more Mainers.

Matt Calder


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