The Veterans and Legal Affairs Committee recently voted to table a bill that would require voters to present a photo ID when voting.

Voting is a privilege, and we should encourage it as much as possible. It is fundamental to our democracy to be able to cast our votes, especially in a presidential election year.

In Maine, just as in most states, older voters are some of the most active voters of any age group. Thousands of Mainers, especially seniors, do not have ready access to a photo ID. Turning them away at the polls for no good reason would have been a terrible mistake.

I am truly glad to see that the proposed law has been, at least, tabled. Any such bill would only make it more difficult for thousands of qualified Maine citizens to vote, which would be unacceptable. Everyone deserves to cast their ballot and have their voice heard on Election Day.

Suzanne M. McCaw, volunteer

AARP Capitol City Task Force


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