The Kennebec Journal recently printed an article regarding the issue with the firefighters in Gardiner.

After seeing this, I went to see the city manager for an explanation. Scott Morelli said it is a personnel matter and he couldn’t talk about it.

If that is the case, why did he divulge any information to the newspaper instead of using the “personnel matter” line?

He said the case involved inappropriate conduct toward another employee, leaving many to believe it was toward the female firefighter. I feel the three individuals involved — the captain, the union president and the other firefighter — should have been fired.

Inappropriate conduct is inappropriate conduct no matter who it is.

The city manager told me it was his decision to slap their hands and keep them. I feel this was a big mistake on his part.

I would not want my wife or daughter in the back of an ambulance with any of these three; if they would do something inappropriate to a fellow employee I feel they would do it to anyone given the chance.

I have great respect for our firefighters and the department, but I am steadily losing respect for our city manager.

They fired an employee at wastewater treatment for far less and that firing did cost taxpayers thousands of dollars; according to city records $18,000 for back pay, $5,000 insurance deductible and $19,000 for legal fees, plus whatever our insurance company settled for.

Where is the justice, I see none for the other employees or the citizens of the many towns our ambulance service serves.

George A. Trask


Former at-large city councilor

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