Can’t we expect from our elected officials an ability to make a honest argument?

Our governor has said that we need to reform Maine’s welfare system because the state is “business unfriendly,” a designation that has nothing to do with the welfare system (except in the mind of the governor).

OK, so maybe he just does not like welfare and wants to change it. He should be honest with us and say that.

MaineCare isn’t welfare. It is health care.

Individuals will seek care regardless; if they have no coverage, they will go to an emergency department, where the costs of care is much higher.

Since they cannot pay, the rest of us will.

In terms of MaineCare, we should have a real debate about the state’s limited funds. Who will we provide help for and what form will that help take?

These are harder discussions, so the politicians don’t want to have them. That should be their job, and, as voters, we should demand that of them. And demand that they keep ideology out of it.


Don Dubois


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