PORTLAND — Less than 10 days after being evicted, Occupy Maine is using its own television show to get its message out.

OccupyME TV, on its website, http://www.occupymetv.org/, features young and old supporters championing the movement.

In the latest episdode, the panelists show footage of the group’s final general assembly, where the group decides to heed the judge’s decision and leave the park.

“This was never about taking the park indefinitely. It was about drawing awareness to these issues” of wealth inequality, corporate greed and unfair rules that favor the rich, said one Occupy member, who says he is homeless.

“We’ve accomplsihed what we’ve set out to do,” he said. “It’s on the nation’s mind. … Let’s leave peacefully.”

In the nearly 30-minute episode, the paneltsts also discuss the futue of the movement. The show has produced four episodes so far at the community access television studio in Portland.

Occupy Maine was formed on the heels of the Occupy Wall Street movement in New York to protest income inequality and corporate greed. It was evicted form Lincoln Park in Portland on Feb. 10.


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