As I watch what is going on in Augusta around working families, I wonder why there is an attack on what is left of the middle class.

I am a member of the local carpenters union, and I am concerned to see three anti-worker bills before the Legislature this session. I have had an opportunity to meet with some of my legislative leaders, and we have expressed the concern we have for the future — for my children and grandchildren.

It is getting harder and harder every day to make the same money — that is, if you are lucky enough to be employed at all in Maine.

I believe we are being targeted by out-of-state interests who have attacked the middle class in Ohio, Wisconsin and Indiana.

As Mainers, we have to stand up to the deep pockets of these ultraconservative special interests who see us as vulnerable.

We have done it before; we can and must do it again.

Harvey Ammerman


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