I don’t understand why a 16-year-old can get a driver’s license and operate a vehicle, but, if he causes a serious accident (article, Feb. 13), his name cannot be revealed because is a juvenile.

Jeremy Gilley fought for our country and returned home unharmed but then an accident from a juvenile caused the loss of both legs.

I too was a victim of juvenile recklessness.

These young people were throwing rocks at vehicles on Interstate 95 in the Clinton area about 11 p.m. last July, hitting my van in several places and breaking a window.

I had to come up with the money and time to get it fixed.

The juveniles were caught after damaging five vehicles and were sentenced to pay restitution. They have up to a year to pay, however. The businesses that fixed my van’s window and body damage couldn’t wait a year to get paid.

Whatever happened to the days when parents were responsible for the actions of their kids?

Back in my day, for example, if a kid broke a window his or her parent took care of the cost, then the parent disciplined the child.

It wasn’t a law for the parent to fix the window; the parent just did it.

It seems to me that if juveniles want responsibilities of an adult like a driver’s license, then their name should be posted in the media like an adult’s name would be.

We need to let kids be kids, but if these kids want to take on adult responsibilities then they should eliminate the word juvenile. If parents think not, then the parents should step up and take responsibilities for their juvenile’s actions.

Judy Rocque


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