I realize this complaint will fall on deaf ears, but felt I must write it anyway. Waterville seems to be promoting the gasoline industry with its new traffic light system.

Under the old system, an electric eye kept traffic moving smoothly and quickly in an efficient manner.

Under the new system, numerous vehicles sit idling at every intersection waiting for the lights to change.

All four ways are stopped and nothing moves for an average up to 1 minute.

This also occurs in Winslow at the Clinton Avenue-Bay Street intersection. I hope Winslow refrains from having any more of those ridiculous lights put at other intersections.

Getting back to Waterville, the smooth flow of traffic is interrupted throughout the city.

Main Street near the Elm Plaza and the Walmart entrance now has such tieups, with both entrances and Armory Road blocked and traffic at a standstill for quite some time.

Kennedy Memorial Drive also has tieups. I shudder to think what it will be like during holiday shopping season.

I believe someone sold the officials a bill of goods, and the Waterville and Winslow taxpayers are paying for it in both time and money.

With the price of gasoline spiking right now, thousands of gallons are being wasted as vehicles sit idling.

A letter-writing campaign to businesses about how they are losing money because of this crazy situation might work.

With today’s technology, I am sure the problem can be remedied quickly with a little bit of pressure on the city officials from these businesses.

Kevin Morrissey


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