My job is not a desk job, and the men and women I work with every day don’t sit behind desks, either.

We work in a mill, and sometimes it’s more dangerous than people realize. No matter how careful we are, things can happen, and they do.

One of the protections for workers in these kinds of jobs is workers’ compensation. It doesn’t pay as much as if they were on the job, but it helps when they are hurt.

Maine has one of the lowest cases of fraud in workers’ compensation cases in the country, yet the current governor and his buddies are trying to make it seem like it’s the worst.

The administration is corporate-friendly but not people-friendly. The current attack under way on workers’ compensation would give the governor greater power to appoint board members, and I don’t think that would be in the best interests of the people. We ask the governor to stop his attack on Maine people.

Ernie James


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