The Maine Republican Party is making a big mistake, and I say this as a lifelong Republican who has waited for many years to see my wonderful state come to its senses and elect some pro-growth politicians.

Why would the Maine GOP squander its success by alienating a huge portion of Republican voters who took part in the caucuses to nominate the next Republican contender for the White House?

I realize that this straw poll is not binding, and that it is the delegates that matter, but if it isn’t worth doing right, then why do it at all?

I was absolutely appalled when Charlie Webster said that they do have updated numbers, but they are refusing to release them. He used combative and insulting language toward voters that they will need in order to hold onto the majority of Maine’s Legislature and the Blaine House in the future.

I think that someone needs to take control, apologize sincerely to the insulted GOP voters, and release the real numbers. Even if it favors Mitt Romney, it will put the matter to bed.

I also think that the Republican Party of Maine needs to have a photographed record of the votes tallied up in future contests if they are going to have them at all. That way, no one would be able to claim clerical errors or voter fraud.

I am not saying anyone was cheating on purpose, but the level of defensiveness we have seen from the state party gives this lifelong Republican pause. What a disaster and a tragedy for the people of Maine that the GOP would squander what it has been given.

Catherine Lavallee


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