In response to the Our Opinion on Feb. 17, “Why Did LePage Reject Sebelius’ offer of help,” I strongly believe that our governor did the right and logical thing in handling the offer by Kathleen Sebelius, secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

To accept the Obama administration’s offer in this case would be like sending the fox to watch the chickens. The federal government is already $15 trillion and counting in debt, with at least $5 trillion of it created by the Obama administration.

So where is the logic in asking for help of people who have a very long record of not being able to keep their own house in order?

I believe that we have the people in our own state government that are much more capable than Sebelius and the feds to solve our problems, and I strongly believe that as a percentage of indebtedness, Maine’s record is much better than the feds. At least across the past almost four years.

I would sincerely ask our leaders (both state and federal) one simple question: Wen are you going to learn that you cannot protect everybody from everything?

We simply cannot afford that as a nation or as a state. Socialism has been proven not to work in the past, and it is being proven around the world. Society cannot afford to do this. We really need to stop this madness soon or we will be experiencing another depression that will make the depression of the 1930s look like small potatoes.

Rick Callahan


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