So who is in charge of this country anyway? Looking at the huge headline in the paper recently (yes, I still like the real thing) I see we are being squeezed again with gas prices and fuel prices on the rise.

Are we a gutless nation that allows our people to be held hostage by those who manipulate Wall Street and those who enjoy the game of politics?

We the people seem to have no say in how our lives are run. It feels like the only control we have is in how we respond to the injustices around us.

I guess that’s why robbery is on the rise, drug use is rampant and corruption is the norm.

We as a people are in a survival mode, and being reactive rather than proactive and running in fear instead of standing and fighting. Isn’t it time that we took charge, not in occupying a park but getting behind real people, putting them in office and once again taking control of our destiny?

Maybe it’s time to clean the slate all around and start afresh. We need to rein in the speculators who play with our lives and re-establish a country where free enterprise doesn’t mean keeping the poor poor and making the rich wealthy beyond reason.

It’s time to make this country a real land of opportunity, where everyone has an equal chance to live their dream, from living in a cabin in the woods to the White House. Money and greed run our nation, now not we the people.

Ed Wheaton


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