As always, abortion is at the top of the list of election topics.

The people against it are far removed from the problem, and some of those for it use it for birth control. Both are extremists.

I have often wondered about the woman on television saying how wonderful her grandchild was, and how lucky she was. If this same child was raped by a family member, or a drug addict with AIDS, or a stranger from the street, I wonder if she would feel the same way.

If abortion is made illegal, should a 25-year-old woman with other children, a husband, a career, die because giving birth again is more important or more moral than terminating her pregnancy?

Is that a person’s choice? Is that not a woman’s choice? This should be the mother’s choice first.

The family should make this decision. Period. The courts should stay out of it.

What about a situation in which the unborn child would die anyway, but the mother would survive?

If abortion is illegal, then both will die.

For what purpose? For politics?

If the mother is taking care of a family, working and productive, and her life is in danger from a child not yet born, the choice must be hers. Not the courts, not the politicians of this world. I guess that is called human rights.

Abortion as birth control is wrong. As wrong as saying all reasons for abortion are wrong. There is and there must be a compromise. For it is, in fact, a matter of life and death.

Edwin Morris


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