Once again, rabid politicians and media pundits spew a steady stream of propaganda designed to con Americans into supporting yet another needless war.

The idea that Iran would ever attack either Israel or the United States with nuclear weapons is nonsense. Iran knows it would be destroyed in retaliation.

Any pre-emptive attack on Iran by Israel and/or the United States would greatly harm our country. The cost in drastically higher oil prices, needless military spending and American lives would be staggering.

Israel would prefer to sucker us into attacking Iran so that we can bear the brunt of the costs in both dollars and lives. No thanks.

Unquestioned support for Israeli actions that harm American interests is absurd. Israel should be told that if it attacks Iran, we will immediately end all military and economic aid, as well as our protection from any Security Council sanctions imposed on Israel as an aggressor nation.

Without our support, Israeli bluster would cease.

Republicans want to prod the Obama administration into attacking Iran for several reasons. First, it would be a needless and unpopular war started by a Democrat. Second, they would criticize Obama for the drastic spike in oil prices and subsequent slowing of the economy that would follow an attack. Third, they wouldn’t want to raise taxes to pay for this war, either. They’d rather have an excuse to cut Social Security and Medicare.

If the warmongers have their way and we do attack Iran, they would be the ones to thank when we fill our gas tanks, when we pay our taxes, and especially when we see another round of American war dead. Rest assured, there won’t be many children of political leaders or millionaires among them.

John R. Merrill


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