Danielle Bartz’s letter (“Men shouldn’t dictate women’s health care,” Feb. 28) refers to the health mandate recently proposed by President Barack Obama.

This mandate would have required all Catholic entities to provide access to contraception for all its employees, despite the moral teaching of the Catholic Church against contraception. Obama did not respect the freedom of religion of Catholic entities.

About the same time, Archbishop Donald Wuerl (Washington, D.C.) appeared on EWTN (Feb. 19) and said, “President Obama has a new/different view of what the culture should be. i.e. secular.”

Wuerl also said our government shows disrespect for the First Amendment when Catholic adoption agencies are forced to place children with gay parents and that the Catholic Church is forced to give documented legitimization to these gay placements. This is coercion and intimidation.

For some reason, likely political, Obama pushes all the social ills that Marxists push all over the world: abortion, easy access to divorce, gay marriage. Why would Obama do injustice to the beautiful moral teachings of our Judeo/Christian faith and heritage? Why does Obama persecute the Catholic Church? Bartz should join her Catholic brothers and sisters in unity for the moral teachings of the Catholic Church.

I agree with Richard Land, president of the Southern Baptist Convention, who said, “Social conservatives … believe that four more years of Obama will harm the social, economic and cultural fabric of our nation forever.”

Elaine B. Graham


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