Susan Collins has finally shown her true colors.

She made the shameful decision to vote to allow employers and insurance companies avoid paying for virtually any medical treatment or prescriptions by merely stating it is against their moral or religious beliefs.

That means they could deny coverage for birth control, vaccinations or expensive cancer or heart treatments, etc. This would be a financial bonanza in the trillions of dollars for the insurance and pharmaceutical companies.

Why did Collins vote for this assault, not only on women, but against every man, woman and child in Maine and this country?

Could it be that one of her major sources of political contributions comes from insurance and pharmaceutical companies?

She has sold us out, folks, to the extreme right wing of her party and her corporate contributors.

Unlike Olympia Snowe, who could have won re-election, but had the good conscience and decency not to sell herself to corporate America against the people of Maine, Collins apparently is not being paid enough by the people to work for them ($175,000 per year plus benefits).

Let’s all remember her vote when she is up for re-election again. I’m sure she’s thinking we’ll forget by then. Will we?

Gloria Fleming


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