Well, Rush Limbaugh really stepped in it this time. How dare he assail that young law student attending Georgetown. All she wants is for the federal government (i.e. U.S. taxpayers) to subsidize her recreational pursuits.

Limbaugh used a couple of unfortunate terms to describe this poor girl. Perhaps he had just seen the Bill Maher show where former Gov. Sarah Palin was described in the most base terms by the host. I don’t recall any outcry about that.

I suppose it has been established that Sandra Fluke is not employed in the sex trades and that her need for contraceptives is for personal pleasure use. So why do I (taxpayer) have to pay for her sexual exploits?

Fluke is spending about $200,000 to attend law school. She needs the government to pay her for contraceptives, which by her own history is $1,000 per year? Divide the $1,000 by 365 days you get $2.74 per day. I bet Fluke can’t even get a cup of coffee at her favorite Starbucks for less than $3. My advices is that she sacrifice a cup of Joe a day and frolic at her own expense.

My understanding is that Fluke’s appearance at the press conference disguised as some sort of congressional event, was voluntary. In doing so she willingly placed herself center stage in a contentious debate in which the federal government is choosing to ignore the Constitution of the United States. It would appear that Fluke is aiding that government in shifting discussion from one of governmental abuse in not following the Constitution, to one of war on women’s health. A war that does not exist.

Michael Cameron, Winthrop

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