I do not understand the hue and cry about a so-called dental health crisis, which even many dentists deny is a problem.

“The problem is not in our stars (or dental facilities), but in ourselves.”

Most Maine kids go to school and somewhere in the public system, if no where else, at least minimum oral hygiene procedures are mentioned. If not, there are at least a few ads on or in various media where dental health is a featured subject.

I am pretty sure everyone in the state has access to and funds to purchase materials for basic dental care. At least a month’s supply of these items can be bought for about $3.

Or maybe we could set up facilities like methadone clinics where people could pick up these basic necessities.

And what about the future? Many of these same people have children. Are we suggesting that they are too ignorant or too irresponsible to take care of themselves but will not pass on these same and other bad habits and neglect to their children?

This way to the rabbit hole.

Ash Gilmore


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