I am sure I got some attention about the abortion issue. Now I need to explain about the gay issue.

A person is a person and human rights are what the United States of America is all about. Period. The moral issues are always going to be debated. I am not a religious person, nor am I an atheist. I do believe in a devine power. The name matters not.

I feel if all men were gay and all women were lesbians, the human race would soon become extinct. Intelligence tells me that the human race then could not be fruitful and multiply. Common sense wins.

Leave the people who are gay alone. This is their choice. If they are happy, productive and are not pressing their will on you, then leave them be.

Minorities (gays, blacks, etc.), pease stop asking for special rights.

Let’s just enforce human rights, because no matter our color, our sexual agenda, or our religious choices, we are all bound by the same confines of the planet.

Everything we do affects someone we love. Live and let live is quite possibly the second-greatest statement ever uttered, ranking after only to “Do unto others.”

Edwin Morris


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