Barack Obama is trying to get the young, healthy population to buy medical insurance to off-set the costs of the uninsured.

Most of the young, healthy population can’t afford to buy medical insurance on their own. The part-time jobs they have don’t offer any benefits, and they can’t stay on their parent(s)’ health care policies after they turn 26.

How about changing the law to allow children and/or grandchildren to be on their parents/grandparents’ healthcare policies, no matter what age they are? I have two adult children and a granddaughter who are in great health but have no insurance.

I have medical insurance offered through my work place but I can’t have my kids on my policy because of their age (this is the only barrier at this time). I pay the same amount as if I had 12 kids on the policy, so why can’t I put someone on my policy if I am willing to pay the premiums? Guess it makes too much sense.

Judy LaPlante


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