The town council of Oakland has tabled a decision about whether to refund money to John Ingraham, a disabled veteran. This money is the difference between the proceeds of the sale of his tax-acquired property previously taken by the town and amount owned in back taxes.

Ingraham served our country during the Vietnam War in Special Forces with the 507 Tactical Control Group. He was exposed to Agent Orange, is fighting cancer and is now homeless. On top of all this, he now has to fight for justice and compassion from the town.

I believe that although towns have the right to take a person’s property, they are not mandated to do so. They could do the ethical thing and return to him any funds that exceed the amount owed for taxes, interest, attorney’s fees, etc. The town of Oakland was willing to give Ingraham a paltry $5,000 out of more than $100,000 in profit.

Is this the treatment that our fighting men and women deserve? It’s not a good message to be sending. We should do everything we can to make life better for them, since they fight to make life better for us.

Should the citizens of our town or state for that matter, financially benefit from the misery of others, particularly veterans?

Anne Hammond


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