I am writing to express my disappointment in my state Rep. Pat Flood, R-Readfield, for his vote in support of the minority report to L.D. 1810, the regulatory “takings” bill.

L.D. 1810 is the biggest environmental rollback of this legislative session. The minority report would create a scheme by which property owners could secure settlement agreements with the state, waivers from the law, or payment from the state treasury to compensate them for claimed losses in property value because of future state regulations.

Understanding the serious consequences of the bill, a bipartisan majority of the Judiciary Committee voted for the majority report, which would establish a legislative committee that would solicit public comments on burdensome land-use laws and empower the committee to review and revise land-use laws for regulatory fairness.

By voting for the minority report to L.D. 1810, Flood chose special interests over the best interests of his constituents and of his state. Flood has been fiscally conservative as chairman of the Appropriations Committee, yet this vote will cost Maine taxpayers millions of dollars and primarily benefit corporate special interests. I appreciate Flood’s hard work in the Legislature, but I am disappointed in him for this vote.

The Senate will vote on L.D. 1810 on May 15 and, depending on the outcome, Flood might vote on this bill again. If so, I urge him to do the right thing for his constituents and his state by supporting the majority report.

John Reinsborough


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