Gov. Paul LePage’s most recent statements that middle management state workers are corrupt are disappointing but not surprising. He also said, “We’re trying to get them to go to work but it’s hard.”

The governor continues to show us over and over again that he is a poor leader.

I worked for state government for 25 years and all of the middle managers that I knew and still call my friends were hard workers and honest people. They often worked beyond their 40 mandatory hours without any extra pay to get the job done right. This included some who worked on weekends without pay, wearing coats to keep warm because of the heat being regulated lower on weekends.

A good leader respects all people who work under him, regardless of their opinions, and seeks out middle-of-the-road compromise. Workers who respect their boss will do everything possible to make him look good. Workers who don’t respect him ultimately will want him to look bad.

The bullying and ruffian tactics that LePage continues to use will never work. You need to earn the respect of your workers; it is not a given that you will obtain it.

It is not surprising to me that some of his workers are not cooperating, but this is not corruption. Corruption implies unlawful doing. Accusing all state middle management of not cooperating and calling it corrupt was an unfortunate choice of words.

Good leaders are also good communicators, and LePage has also failed on this. I think the governor owes these workers an apology, but I do not expect that will happen.

How did this guy ever get elected? He is a disgrace to the distinguished position of governor and the state of Maine.

Paul Mitnik, Vassalboro

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