This letter is in response to your political cartoon of April 15 that shows a blackboard with the words “Evolution” and “Creationism.” The teacher points at “Creationism” and says, “And this theory proves that some humans have evolved a lot less than others.”

I think the cartoonist and your editor are showing their bigotry, crassness and hatred against Christianity. Even worse is your affront toward God Almighty.

Evolution is a theory of Charles Darwin that claims to tell the origins of mankind. This makes Darwinism a religion, which can be believed by only faith on scant evidence to uphold it. This religion permeates our classrooms from public primary school through college.

The story is, a blob of matter in space exploded (Big Bang) and made all the planets, sun and heavenly bodies etc. Then, bacteria self-existed and evolved to make all the plants and animals. Since this took place over billions of years, there are no witnesses or evidence to prove it. Shouldn’t there be some species in between the species (missing links)?

The Bible says God created heaven and earth and everything on it. Jesus, God the Son, came to this Earth as a human, lived a sinless life, was crucified, died and was buried. On the third day, he arose. Five hundred witnesses saw the risen Christ and many saw his subsequent ascension into heaven.

While he was on this Earth, Jesus affirmed the truth of creation according to the Old Testament. Creationism has the Word of God, witnesses and evidence that include an empty tomb. Evolution has the dead ashes and fairy tales of Darwin.

It is unjust for Christian people to be forced by our taxes to support atheistic religion in public schools, while paying tuition, transportation, etc. to support our Christian schools.

Albert R. Boynton


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