When a governor such as ours continues to embarrass himself and the state, I look to the leadership among our representatives to cross their party affiliations and speak their mind.

I extended this request to my representative and senator who represent my town in Augusta. Not only is it our representatives’ responsibility, but each of us as citizens should speak out against erroneous comments our governor makes.

He recently made, yet again, a vastly overreaching commentary about state middle-management employees. If, in fact, there are misdeeds then he should be clear about what the problem is, and not generic. Identify with a conviction that is fair and not bullish.

Finally, act in a civil manner that reflects American values of innocent unless proven otherwise. It remains irresponsible to just throw out something without fact.

I appreciate free speech, after all I am an American. This is not the purview of only one party, rather for all Americans. Free speech, however, does carry accountability and responsibility.

The governor is accountable and responsible for his misspeaking, over and over again. Our representatives, as well as each of us, have a civic obligation to hold the governor accountable for his actions and words. Over the last two years, of misspeaking and misdeeds, he has never yet offered an apology to us.

Jacqueline P. Fournier

Mount Vernon

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