Anyone who’s lived in the city of Waterville for a while knows we have two factions in our politics: “The Hill” vs. “The Ville.” It’s been that way for decades.

I support Colleen Lachowicz for state Senate because she has proven that she understands how to navigate that political minefield and build consensus better than anyone.

Given our past, Democrats should know what happens when we divide ourselves into these factions. Our opponents win, and quite often, we all lose. Lachowicz, however, draws support from both sides of that divide.

As Waterville’s Democratic Party chairwoman, she brought us together to work for our common causes. She never treated anyone differently or took sides.

That is what I expect from the Democratic nominee. I hope residents of Albion, Benton, Clinton, Detroit, Pittsfield, Waterville and Winslow will join me on June 12 and support Lachowicz for Senate District 25.

Dana Sennett


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