The U.S. Postal Service has proposed reducing the hours of rural post offices instead of closing them. Retail hours at the following area post offices would be reduced under the plan:

From eight hours to six hours:

Wayne, Dresden, East Winthrop, Kents Hill, Mount Vernon, Whitefield, Palermo, Windsor, Albion, Athens, Belgrade Lakes, Canaan, Corinna, Harmony, Hartland, Liberty, New Sharon, North Anson, North Vassalboro, Smithfield and solon.

From eight hours to four hours:

East Dixfield, East Wilton, North Monmouth, Coopers Mills, South Gardiner, Vienna, Burnham, China Village, Farmington Falls, Freedom, Hinckley, New Portland, Shawmut, West Forks, Thorndike and Vassalboro.

From eight hours to two hours:

Kingman, Caratunk and East Vassalboro.

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