I have always thought that the Shriners go-cart show is inherently dangerous, considering that spectators line the curbs and the drivers come within inches of them at a relatively high rate of speed.

I was unfortunately a close-up witness to a terrible accident in Newcastle last fall in which a go-cart driver was killed. So I read the article on May 6 and comments by the leaders of the local Shrine organizations with particular interest. The essence of their statements was that the ramp event would continue and that no changes are planned.

I am both amazed and appalled at the arrogance of these statements, considering that the Shriners’ go-carts have no seat belts, no roll cages and their drivers wear no helmets. Any one of these safety features might have prevented the death of Shriner Marvin Tarbox Jr.

I would respectfully suggest that the national Shrine organization review this situation and take the simple and responsible actions required to help prevent future driver and spectator injuries or deaths.

They also should seriously consider establishing a reasonable speed limit and minimum distances that the vehicles can approach the curbs during a parade event in order to help prevent crowd injuries.

Willard A. Monsell


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