In the 1970s, a Franklin County candidate for the Legislature had appeared on national television as a comedian and played clubs up and down the East Coast.

I cannot remember his name, but I have never forgotten his campaign slogan:

“All politicians are comedians, why not elect a professional?”

Since our president and members of Congress are acting like children in a schoolyard fight, why not replace them with high school students? It might be an improvement.

Why the congressional disaster in Washington? Whom do we blame?

We the people of this nation are to blame; each of us who have voted over the years to re-elect until we created representatives and senators for life.

They created social welfare, which is a good program, but it should be a hand up, not a hand out.

Also we now have corporate welfare, which is not always helpful, as well as special interest groups and powerful labor unions. Is change possible? Doubtful.

Flag burning, marching, protesting, occupying public parks and buildings, destroying public and private property is not the answer. And I hope we never reach the level of protest that changed Libya and Egypt.

The change must be made by the demands of the people at the ballot box. Candidates must be told that if they cannot provide a change, their days of paradise on that hill in Washington, D.C., will be over.

Just a few changes, I believe, would help this nation and its people. There are many more areas Congress should investigate, but will they?

As Franklin Roosevelt said, “There’s nothing to fear but fear itself.”

Can the citizens of this nation put enough fear into the politicians and take back the nation? Maybe, but I doubt it will be in my lifetime.

Linwood H. Butterfield


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